Monday, 13 February 2017

Peugeot Reverso Anodized Aluminum Salt & Pepper Mills

Food never really tastes good unless it is flavored with the right seasonings. Of course, there are many types of seasonings, but many chefs believe that the mineral salt and the spice pepper can make or break any dish. This is why many dining tables have attractive shakers or mills containing these two food seasonings. There are many brands, models, and types of such containers, but the Peugeot Reverso Anodized Aluminum Salt & Pepper Mills stand out among them.

The Reverso mills are cylindrical with a diameter of 2.2 inches. They stand 5 inches tall. Approximately three-fourths of the cylinder is made of aluminum while the remainder is of acrylic. The aluminum is anodized to protect it from corrosion that can be caused by salt. With its graphite finish, the mill emits a subdued sheen. The acrylic at the lower section of the mill is clear, thus allowing you to see its contents and check if it needs refilling.

The grinding mechanism of the mill is at the end of the aluminum portion. It is made of case hardened stainless steel guaranteeing that the blades remain sharp even after prolonged use. The blades are specifically designed for the seasoning they are intended to grind. The salt grinder is intended for dry rock salt, while the pepper grinder is designed for cracking whole peppercorns.

Equipped with a U-select mechanism, the mill can grind either salt or pepper from a very fine to a very coarse texture. Twist the grinding ring to six pre-programmed settings to choose your desired consistency of the grounds.

When grinding, the mills should be stood with the acrylic portion at the top to get the salt or pepper into the grinding mechanism. When not in use, however, it should be reversed, with the aluminum section on top to prevent its contents from spilling on the tabletop.

The Peugeot Reverso Anodized Aluminum Salt & Pepper Mills are both functional and stylish. In addition to making your food taste better, they can also add class to your dining room and table.